Homeopathy is a safe and effective holistic medicine that uses minute amounts of natural substances to stimulate and support the body’s capacity for self-healing. Homeopathy treats people not diseases, so all experiences of imbalance are considered important, not just those that fit into a medical diagnosis. Patients of homeopathy often enjoy increased well-being beyond resolution of symptoms. Homeopathic treatment addresses not just symptoms of disease but the imbalance underlying them, allowing more vitality and freedom to be expressed on all levels of a person’s being.

My task as a homeopath is to find the one natural substance from the plant, animal or mineral kingdoms that most closely matches your unique symptom picture. This requires an in depth interview covering all aspects of your health and your self that will last around 2 hours. Most of us have very rarely had the opportunity to be listened to with such close attention. This in itself can be an incredibly empowering and healing experience. Initial follow-up appointments typically occur every 4-6 weeks in the beginning and less frequently as treatment progresses.