HummingbirdHomeopathy is a truly holistic form of medicine, which means that the remedies not only affect the physical body but also bring healing to the emotional and mental planes. While it is easy to see physical improvements in health, the shifts that occur in the emotional and mental spheres can be subtle yet incredibly powerful. I have the privilege of working with many young people, and, like the adults I treat, I often see the most profound transformations within this emotional realm. Feeling more centered emotionally is a gift for anyone, but I think it is especially valuable for young people who are still forming their ideas about who they are and about how to best interact with the world around them. So often people end up identifying with their negative behaviors and reactions when those are actually just choices made in a moment of time. The gift a well chosen homeopathic remedy can offer is the freedom to respond rather than react to daily ups and downs in a way that is healthier and in better alignment with the person’s true self.

When this freedom is experienced early in life, it impacts not only the child’s understanding of him or herself but also about the world. A child may still have to face a bully or a poor grade, but from a place of balance they have more freedom to consciously choose how to respond. Even though the circumstances don’t change, the way they relate to their circumstances can undergo a radical shift. Of course parents do everything they can to help their children stay centered, but today’s kids are not only getting messages from peers and school, but from media as well.

Most of us have had the experience that when you feel good about yourself, the world feels like a better place. Homeopathy does not change who you are or the world around you, it allows you to be your best self more of the time. I liken being your best self to being in the flow. When you feel good about yourself, that goodness is reflected back to you in your daily interactions. There are many ways to find your center – meditation, spending time in nature, compassion for self and others – and homeopathy is another tool for bringing awareness and connection to your true self at any age!