Catherine is a thoughtful and perceptive homeopath. She uses her skills as an observer and listener to guide her in her selection of a homeopathic remedy. She is thorough in her assessment before choosing a treatment. She has the ability to work with teens which is a challenge in itself. She has a foundation as an herbalist which is invaluable in the practice of a homeopath. I have total trust in Catherine’s judgement, and I feel very lucky to have her services.

Erinn Lance

Lead CNM , MCC IU Medical Group Primary Care

Catherine’s strength is her ability to listen which goes beyond her extensive training. I can’t think of a more important requirement for a Homeopathic practitioner.  That steady stillness while listening to me tell my story in itself is a profound healing.  This attentiveness has enhanced my vitality and well being. www.marystpierre.com

Mary St. Pierre

Founder, Designs For Harmonious Living

Catherine helped my teenage daughter through some hormonal changes that are typical of teenagers, however she treated her with so much love and understanding, took so much time to really get to know everything about her and in my mind she was a miracle worker. Literally an overnight miracle worker!!

Liora Soladay

Owner , Jayli Clothing

My experiences with Catherine have been amazing. Her ability to listen and communicate with me and assess my homeopathic needs have led to a much greater understanding of my self, both emotionally and physically. I feel very lucky and grateful to have Catherine in my life.

Alyssa Gleason

Teacher, West Marin Montessori

Catherine’s extensive homeopathic knowledge coupled with her keen sense of awareness brought me a remedy that feels right – and I feel more centered and productive!  Catherine has also seen both my 14 year old and 9 year old daughters. All of us see and feel the positive effects of homeopathy – and Catherine – in our lives.

Rebecca Teague

Owner, RTXO Designer Scarves