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Homeopathy and Personal Transformation

My absolute favorite part of being a homeopath is watching the deep personal transformation that happens after a person has been on their constitutional remedy for long enough to experience the deeper benefits. It is so gratifying to see someone find their center and begin to blossom. The obstacles to their success have melted away, and now they can charge forward toward their goals. Maybe that was their intention in beginning treatment or maybe it was the unexpected bonus after overcoming a physical or emotional challenge. Either way it is a beautiful thing to watch and is the number one reason I love being a homeopath.

A Sense of Purpose and Your Brain

A recent study found a 44% reduction in the risk of stroke for elderly people with a strong sense of life purpose (Stroke 2015: 46; 1071-1076). I find it fascinating that this psychological trait can actually make the blood vessels in your brain healthier. Another study found a lower risk of heart disease associated with traits like optimism, happiness and life satisfaction (Psychol Bull. 2012 Jul; 138(4):655-91). The exciting thing about this for me is that these are the exact traits that I see strengthen with homeopathic constitutional treatment. When the remedy is right, people become their best selves – they find their purpose, they feel satisfied with their life and are happier. It is wonderful to know that these qualities are impacting their longevity as well!

Concussion Protocol

Homeopathy shines in the treatment of concussions, also called mild Traumatic Brain Injuries (mTBI). This is especially wonderful since there is no allopathic treatment in the immediate aftermath of a mTBI other than rest. I have treated enough concussions now that I have a protocol I want to share with you. All the people I have treated within 48 hours of their concussion have healed quickly and completely. Here is the protocol:

– If no loss of consciousness: Arnica 200C every 1-2 hours for the first 24 hours, every 3-4 hours for the second 24 hours. 3-4 times a day for the next 4-5 days.

– If there is loss of consciousness: Arnica 1M every 1-2 hours for the first 24 hours, every 3-4 hours for the second 24 hours. 3-4 times a day for the next 2 days. 2 times a day for the next 2-3 days.

If symptoms persist past the first week (headache, dizziness, confusion, lack of balance, change of mood, or other symptoms), then a second remedy may be needed for healing to progress.

Other important things to do are:

Make sure they eat at least 50% of normal calories in the first 24 hours after the concussion. Protein is especially important.
Give lots of high anti-oxidant foods, especially dark berries like blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries for the next two weeks
Take 4 gms of high quality fish oil for the first 2 weeks post-concussion, then 2 gms a day for the next 2 months.

Concussion is a very serious injury, and anyone who suspects a mTBI should be immediately seen by a physician and followed during the recovery period.


The Gift of Homeopathy for Kids (and Everyone!)

Homeopathy is a truly holistic form of medicine, which means that the remedies not only affect the physical body but also bring healing to the emotional and mental planes. While it is easy to see physical improvements in health, the shifts that occur in the emotional and mental spheres can be subtle yet incredibly powerful. I have the privilege of working with many young people, and, like the adults I treat, I often see the most profound transformations within this emotional realm. Feeling more centered emotionally is a gift for anyone, but I think it is especially valuable for young people who are still forming their ideas about who they are and about how to best interact with the world around them. So often people end up identifying with their negative behaviors and reactions when those are actually just choices made in a moment of time. The gift a well chosen homeopathic remedy can offer is the freedom to respond rather than react to daily ups and downs in a way that is healthier and in better alignment with the person’s true self.

When this freedom is experienced early in life, it impacts not only the child’s understanding of him or herself but also about the world. A child may still have to face a bully or a poor grade, but from a place of balance they have more freedom to consciously choose how to respond. Even though the circumstances don’t change, the way they relate to their circumstances can undergo a radical shift. Of course parents do everything they can to help their children stay centered, but today’s kids are not only getting messages from peers and school, but from media as well.

Most of us […]

Take a Break – It’s Good for your Heart!

A revolutionary new understanding of what actually causes a heart attack or myocardial infarction (MI) is emerging from the latest scientific research. It turns out that activities which stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system like meditation, being in nature, and loving relationships are more important than watching your cholesterol when it comes to preventing a heart attack.

The old theory as to the cause of MI was centered on what was happening in the coronary arteries, while the new theory centers on events happening within the heart itself. For the past 50 or so years, blockage of coronary arteries by plaque buildup was thought to cut off blood supply to certain parts of the heart causing pain (angina) then progressing to ischemia. Treatments such as stents and bypass surgeries addressed these blockages. However, a 2003 study at Mayo Clinic concluded that while bypass surgery may relieve symptoms such as chest pain, it does not prevent further heart attacks. It turns out that the body is very effective in compensating for blockages with collateral blood vessels, so the blocked arteries are not causing heart attacks. Many in cardiology are turning to “unstable plaque” as the culprit and putting patients on Statin drugs, but that theory has been debunked as well. While acute thrombosis related to plaque is associated with myocardial infarction, it looks like it occurs after the MI a significant amount of the time, so is not the cause of MI.

Until recently the role of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) in the genesis of ischemia had been overlooked. This is the part of our nervous system that controls the function of our internal organs. It is divided into 2 parts: the sympathetic – fight or flight […]

Poison Oak: Treatment and Prevention

It is that time of year again! Along with the beautiful wildflowers and fresh green grasses, poison oak is budding. If you are someone who is sensitive to poison oak, do not despair! Homeopathic constitutional treatment can make you less allergic to the plant oils that cause the painful, itchy rash. Homeopathy can also stop the progression of the rash once it starts. If you get poison oak frequently and want to have some remedies on hand, a few of the most helpful remedies are Anacardium, Apis, Graphites, Rhus tox, and Suphur (I will discuss these in detail in my next blog!). Remedy selection is based on the appearance of the rash, the sensations being experienced, the emotional state, and what makes it feel better or worse. For instance, some types of rashes feel better with application of scalding hot water. That points to a certain group of remedies and eliminates others. If you get poison oak (or poison ivy), I am happy to look at your rash, ask a few questions, and see which remedy you need to stop it from spreading and becoming more inflamed. The quicker you take a remedy, the better chance you will have of halting the progress of the inflammatory process!

Other things to keep in mind are wiping down with rubbing alcohol within a few hours of exposure will remove the oils before your body can react to them. It is also a good idea to wipe down with rubbing alcohol once you see the rash, in case there are oils in areas that haven’t become inflamed yet. Scratching often spreads poison oak, so wiping the hands is especially important. If you wake up in the morning with […]

What Can Homeopathy Treat?

This is a question I hear every day, and the answer is simple – almost anything. When there is an imbalance in your body, your body’s first response is to send you messages about the imbalance. It communicates with you through the language of symptoms. When you address the underlying imbalance, the symptoms will go away. Homeopathic remedies work directly on the Vital Force or Chi, helping it come back into balance, so that your body can heal itself.

Most of the symptoms we experience come from changes in our body’s function such as digestive upset, insomnia, changes in mood, asthma, frequent colds, skin eruptions, or low energy. When this type of imbalance is noticed and treated with homeopathy in the early stages balance can be restored quickly and easily. Sometimes we ignore these messages from our vital force or suppress them with pharmaceuticals, and the imbalance goes on for years. The imbalance can still be treated, but the course of treatment will be longer. Once an imbalance moves from functional changes into tissue changes such as osteoarthritis, MS, or cancer for instance, homeopathy can still help, but will need to be part of an integrative approach with other healing modalities.


Alzheimer’s and Copper

I follow the latest developments in Alzheimer’s disease closely because I think that would be the worst possible way to end this amazing life. Recently I found some exciting new research that makes the correlation between elevated free copper levels in the blood and Alzheimer’s disease.  The brain plaques found in the Alzheimer’s patients are filled with copper, and Alzheimer’s occurrence is significantly higher in developed countries which use of copper plumbing (and brass fittings, as copper is readily released from brass). Japan is the exception, as a developed country with low Alzheimer’s incidence, and it is noteworthy that they do not allow copper piping due to concerns around toxicity. Other sources of excess copper are nutritional supplements and a diet high in meat.

The other side of too much copper is too little zinc. Zinc helps remove free floating copper from the body, so zinc deficiency can contribute to an excess of copper. In addition to Alzheimer’s, high copper levels have been correlated with certain types of cancer including, prostate, breast, colon, lung, and brain cancers. Fluoride is another mineral correlated with Alzheimer’s disease through the calcification of the pineal gland. Drinking water that has been filtered will reduce one’s exposure to both copper and fluoride.

If Alzheimer’s prevention is something you or someone you love is interested in, consider avoiding supplements that include copper and drink filtered water. Copper deficiency is extremely rare and most people do not need supplementation. Consider supplementing with Zinc, if you are concerned that your copper levels are too high. If you have copper pipes or brass fittings in your plumbing, a reverse osmosis filter removes 99% of the copper. Family history of Alzheimer’s disease is the highest risk […]

Homeopathy and Superbugs

I have been alarmed lately by the reports of often-lethal “superbug” infections happening in hospitals. This new era of “superbugs” like C-Diff and CRE bacteria is calling our rampant overuse of antibiotics into question. These are virulent strains of bacterium that often do not respond to antibiotic treatment. The irony is that these antibiotic resistant strains are strengthened as the “good” bacteria, which keep our microflora in balance, are wiped out by antibiotic treatment. This allows a few resistant “bad” bacteria to survive and run rampant in a person’s system.

The counter pose to antibiotic treatment is homeopathy, which is a holistic treatment that supports the good bacteria to fight the bad. When “good” bacteria and the immune system in general are supported through homeopathy, our bodies are able to heal themselves.  Even leaders within mainstream medicine recognize that a new approach to infection is needed and that is exactly what is beginning to happen in Europe.

We are familiar with how frequently antibiotics are prescribed for things like ear and sinus infections, however food-producing animals consume 40-50% of the antibiotics worldwide. As reported in July 2013’s Townsend Newsletter, the European Parliament is moving toward phasing out preventative antibiotic use in farm animals in an attempt to preserve their use for humans. reports that, “The EU is investing 1.8 million Euros in a pilot research project to examine the effectiveness of homeopathic treatments on farm animals.” A rigorous study in the Netherlands looked at the use of the homeopathic remedy Coli 30c on the bacterium Escericha coli [commonly known as e. coli] in piglets and found it to be an effective treatment against the bacteria (Homeopathy. 2010).

There is no question that antibiotics have been responsible […]